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Daunt Books Spring Festival 2015

Daunt Books Festival 2015

A huge thank you to everyone who came to this year's festival and made it such a special two days! You can now listen back to all the festival's events by clicking on the links below.

  • Thursday 19th March

    Choosing your Heroines

    Samantha Ellis & Anne Sebba talk to Alex Clark

    Join us to learn about some extraordinary lives and revisit some favourite novels to find inspiration in heroines, both real and imagined. Samantha Ellis and Anne Sebba discuss the virtues of their favourite fictional women and historical icons with literary critic Alex Clark.

    Choosing Your Heroines - Samantha Ellis & Anne Sebba by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Thursday 19th March

    The Nature Cure

    William Fiennes & Tim Dee

    Why are we drawn to the outside, to birds, to nature? How can trying to understand our landscape help us better understand ourselves? William Fiennes, author of The Snow Geese, discusses 'the nature cure' with naturalist and birdwatcher Tim Dee, author of Four Fields and The Running Sky.

    The Nature Cure - William Fiennes & Tim Dee by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Thursday 19th March

    Perfect Wives or Brilliant Careers: Women of the 1950s

    Virginia Nicholson & Rachel Cooke

    In Perfect Wives in Ideal Homes, Virginia Nicholson reconstructs the 1950s through the eyes of its women and, in Her Brilliant Career, Rachel Cooke introduces us to ten trailblazing women of the era, whose pioneering professional lives paved the way for future generations. Packed with illuminating anecdotes and unexpected revelations, here are two fascinating, unusual guides to the real women of the 1950s.

    Perfect Wives or Brilliant Careers: Women of the 1950s: Virginia Nicholson & Rachel Cooke by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Thursday 19th March

    Emil and the Detectives
    & other german children's classics

    Michael Rosen & Anthea Bell talk to Julia Eccleshare about the great German children's author Erich Kästner

    German writer Erich Kästner's spirited stories have captured the imagination of children and adults alike for generations. Former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen talks about his fondness for Kästner's work and The Wicked Tricks of Till Owlyglass, his own retelling of one of his favourite German children's books. Joining him are translator Anthea Bell and Julia Eccleshare, Children's Books Editor for the Guardian.

    Emil and The Detectives & other German children's classics by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Thursday 19th March

    The Establishment

    Owen Jones talks to Owen Hatherley

    In The Establishment, Owen Jones gives a biting critique of the British Establishment and makes a passionate plea for democracy. Hailed by Russell Brand as 'our generation's Orwell', Jones exposes the vested interests which bind the lobbies of Westminster to the newsrooms of Fleet Street and the trading rooms of the City. He talks to political and architectural writer Owen Hatherley.

    Owen Jones - 'The Establishment' by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Thursday 19th March

    My History

    Antonia Fraser talks to Valerie Grove

    In her new memoir, acclaimed biographer and historian Antonia Fraser describes how she fell in love with history, the subject that would define her life. Written with her trademark wit and panache, this is a magical account of one person's journey towards becoming a writer and an historian. Antonia Fraser talks to biographer and journalist Valerie Grove.

    Antonia Fraser: My History by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Friday 20th March

    In praise of short stories

    Tessa Hadley, Colin Barrett & Julianne Pachico
    talk to Laura Macaulay

    Short stories have never been more celebrated as a literary form, or more popular with readers. Join us for an inspiring discussion of their merits and charm, and listen to a dazzling array of short story writers - Tessa Hadley, Colin Barrett and Julianne Pachico - read their work.

    In Praise of Short Stories by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Friday 20th March

    Russians in Paris: Gazdanov, Teffi and other Émigré writers of the 1920s

    Bryan Karetnyk & Peter Pomerantsev talk to Nicholas Lezard

    Writers Gazdanov and Teffi were two of the two hundred thousand White Russians who escaped from Russia after the 1917 Revolution and settled in France. By the mid-twenties, Paris was the cultural and political centre of the diaspora and Gazdanov and Teffi were prominent members of its literary scene. Translator Bryan Karetnyk and Russian commentator Peter Pomerantsev discuss these rediscovered writers with literary critic Nicholas Lezard.

    Russians in Paris: Gazdanov, Teffi and Other Emigre Writers of the 1920s by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Friday 20th March

    Robert Muchamore

    We are thrilled to welcome Robert Muchamore for the festival's first young adult event. His award-winning Cherub series is about a division of the British Security Service which employs teenagers as intelligence officers, and his most recent novel Rock War is the first of an exciting new quartet of books about three teenagers seeking success in the music world. He talks to Philip Womack, children's novelist and literary critic for the Daily Telegraph, Guardian and other publications.

    Robert Muchamore by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Friday 20th March

    Spies in Fact and Fiction

    Charles Cumming & Christopher Andrew talk to James Naughtie

    The world of espionage has been played out in the shadows of our history and has filled the pages of many novels, from Kipling and Conrad to Ian Fleming and Alan Furst. Charles Cumming was approached for recruitment by the Secret Intelligence Service, an experience which inspired his gripping first novel A Spy By Nature. Christopher Andrew is Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at Cambridge and the author of The Defence of the Realm, a magisterial authorised history of MI5. With broadcaster James Naughtie, whose book The Madness of July is a sophisticated Cold War spy thriller, they cast light on this shady, secretive and fascinating world.

    Spies in Fact and Fiction by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud

  • Friday 20th March

    Palin on Place

    Michael Palin talks to Brett Wolstencroft

    For the festival finale, we are delighted to welcome comedian, writer and traveller Michael Palin to tell us about how he has experienced the power of place. Where has he found to be particularly inspiring? How do the challenges of capturing a sense of place vary from screen to page, and from travel writing to fiction? And which writers has he found to be particularly adept at conjuring the spirit of a place? Michael Palin talks to our very own Brett Wolstencroft.

    Palin on Place by Dauntbooks on Mixcloud


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