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  • Jacket image for Jungle Soldier

    Jungle Soldier by Brian Moynahan

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    The gripping account of British soldiers in Malaya trapped by the advancing Japanese army.
  • Jacket image for Black Mamba Boy

    Black Mamba Boy by Nadifa Mohamed

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A moving novel of a young boy fleeing his childhood in Yemen only to discover the hardships of east Africa and farther afield.
  • Jacket image for Wilfred Thesiger

    Wilfred Thesiger by Alexander Maitland

    Price: £10.99    Add to Basket
    An exhaustive biography of this unique explorer.
  • Jacket image for The Last Station

    The Last Station by Jay Parini

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    The final year of the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy is imagined in this moving novel. The famous author struggles with the paradox of his enormous fame & wealth, and his professed doctrine of poverty & chastity.
  • Jacket image for The Station

    The Station by Robert Byron

    Price: £11.99    Add to Basket
    The archaic Byzantine traditions within the walls of Mount Athos are explored in detail. The author was among the first outsiders to portray the monastery's treasures and the monks' lifestyle in 1920s Greece.
  • Jacket image for Norway Pocket Guide

    Norway Pocket Guide by Berlitz

    Price: £5.99    Add to Basket
    The original pocket guide, Berlitz offer the essentials, including a couple of foldout maps.
  • Jacket image for Bali & Lombok

    Bali & Lombok by Insight

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    Best for lavish photography and well-written introductions, Insight Guides tell you more about what to find than how to find it.
  • Jacket image for The Sugar Barons

    The Sugar Barons by Matthew Parker

    Price: £25.00    Add to Basket
    A dramatic, and really quite shocking, account of the 200 year struggle to grow and trade sugar in the West Indies. Driven by greed and a total disregard for human life, Europeans made and lost immense fortunes and transformed the landscapes of Jamaica and Barbados into some of the richest colonies in the world, only to lose it all.
  • Jacket image for Burying the Bones

    Burying the Bones by Hilary Spurling

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    The daughter of a dislikeable American missionary, Pearl S. Buck grew up in imperial China and considered herself Chinese until a terrorist uprising forced her family to flee for their lives. Her exotic and harrowing stories about girls growing up in the shadow of their brothers, periods of turbulent change and the agrarian poor brought the reality of the Chinese people to the West and won her both the Nobel and Pulitzer Prize. Spurling’s terrific biography reveals Buck as a forgotten feminist heroine and as a woman who never quite felt at home.
  • Jacket image for The Pale King

    The Pale King by David Foster Wallace

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    Unfinished at the time of his death, The Pale King is undoubtedly a work in progress, but its premise - that the external tedium of the everyday can produce inner transcendence and a new brand of heroism - is daring, generous and quite beautiful.
  • Jacket image for Taiwan Green Guide

    Taiwan Green Guide by Michelin

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    A new guide for Michelin for those seeking a comfortable trip. This contains good maps, a wide array of destinations, and thorough historical and cultural background.
  • Jacket image for Colombia Green Guide

    Colombia Green Guide by Michelin

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    A new guide for Michelin for a comfortable trip in this increasingly popular country. This contains good maps, a wide array of destinations, and thorough historical and cultural background.
  • Jacket image for The Dead Yard, Tales of Modern Jamaica

    The Dead Yard, Tales of Modern Jamaica by Ian Thomson

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    The paradox between the tourists' beautiful Caribbean retreat and the indigenous population's life of poverty and violence is thrown into vivid relief through dozens of interviews with the island's inhabitants.
  • Jacket image for When a Billion Chinese Jump

    When a Billion Chinese Jump by Jonathan Watts

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    An investigation into the effects of the vast quantities of natural resources needed to sustain China's burgeoning economic expansion.
  • Jacket image for 1421 The Year China Discovered the World

    1421 The Year China Discovered the World by Gavin Menzies

    Price: £10.99    Add to Basket
    A ground breaking account of Chinese explorers' discovery of the Americas and Australasia long before Columbus, Cook and Magellan.
  • Jacket image for Songs of Blood & Sword

    Songs of Blood & Sword by Fatima Bhutto

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    An insider's account of this prominent Pakistan dynasty of rulers, many of who have met tragic & violent deaths. A helpful addition to understanding the country's politics.
  • Jacket image for Into the Heart of the Mafia

    Into the Heart of the Mafia by David Lane

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    This engaging investigation tackles the social and economic pillars that support organised crime throughout the Italian south and Sicily.
  • Jacket image for Country Driving

    Country Driving by Peter Hessler

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    An entertaining and thoughtful road trip through China. The author lived and worked as a journalist in Beijing for five years before embarking on this epic journey.
  • Jacket image for Rational Optimist

    Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    Ridley refutes the doomsayers of contemporary society and makes a strong, if provocative, case for facing the challenges of the 21st century with positivity.
  • Jacket image for The Churchills: A Family at the Heart of History

    The Churchills: A Family at the Heart of History by Mary S. Lovell

    Price: £10.99    Add to Basket
    A vivid and expansive account of the Churchill dynasty, from the Duke of Marlborough's empire-building in the 17th century, to Winston's death in 1965. By no means the first work to trace the Churchill family history, Lovell's biography is nevertheless refreshing in its effortless combination of domestic matters and public history.
  • Jacket image for A Man of Parts

    A Man of Parts by David Lodge

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    In his last biographical novel, Author! Author!, Lodge depicted Henry James as he struggled to address his legacy. Here he imagines the equally conflicted, though infinitely less repressed, H.G. Wells at the end of his life. A man who threw himself into socialist politics at a young age only to find the pull of fame and affluence irresistible, who believed wholeheartedly in free love and yet remained a staunch feminist; Wells is revealed as a fascinating, strangely likeable, bundle of contradictions. Thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Jacket image for In a Strange Room

    In a Strange Room by Damon Galgut

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A young drifter embarks on a series of disastrous journeys through Greece, India and Africa in this brief and beguiling novel. Each represents a voyage of discovery for the South African narrator, whose encounters with other travellers force him into confrontation with his own feelings of inertia, compassion and thwarted desire.
  • Jacket image for A Far Cry from Kensington

    A Far Cry from Kensington by Muriel Spark

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    In the 1950s, Mrs Hawkins was living in a ‘rooming house’ in Kensington and working as a publishing assistant, when she delivered rather a good insult to rather a bad writer, which had some unexpected repercussions ... The Sunday Times have described this delightful novel as, ‘Wonderfully entertaining – full of absurd, comical, engaging characters and written with typical wit, elegance and aplomb'. We couldn't agree more!
  • Jacket image for The Invisible Bridge

    The Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    On the eve of the Second World War, a Hungarian-Jewish student arrives in Paris with one suitcase and a mysterious letter, the contents of which will alter the course of his life. Orringer’s debut novel is a haunting story about the terrifying uncertainty of war, set against the backdrop of Hungary and Paris.
  • Jacket image for The Popes: A History

    The Popes: A History by John Julius Norwich

    Price: £10.99    Add to Basket
    Two thousand years of history and myth are rendered in entertaining and authoritative prose. Norwich explores the papal legends, including that of Pope Joan – a ninth-century English woman who purportedly masqueraded as a man for two years – and uncovers the real wonders and absurdities of the institution.