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The Smoke Is Rising
Mahesh Rao

We are proud to announce the first original novel from Daunt Books Publishing

More about this wonderful book can be viewed here.

  • Jacket image for Parrot and Olivier in America

    Parrot and Olivier in America by Peter Carey

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    Dickensian in scope and populated with a cast of eccentric, roguish individuals, Carey’s third Booker-nominated novel is a comic masterpiece. When his eponymous heroes – a conceited French aristocrat and a jaded, unkempt servant – are thrown together on a journey to the New World, they gain an insight into life at the opposite end of the human spectrum, and an unlikely friendship is born. This is both a tender portrait of two men and a dazzling reimagining of the birth of democracy.
  • Jacket image for To a Mountain in Tibet

    To a Mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    With characteristic verve, Thubron recounts his journey to the sacred mountain of Kailas in the western Himalaya. Its summit has never been scaled, but its slopes have been ritually circled by Buddhists and Hindus for centuries. As Thubron joins them, trekking along the Karnali River and through secluded villages and monasteries, he embarks on a personal pilgrimage to meditate on the death of the last of his family. This is an extraordinarily powerful and uniquely moving piece of travel writing.
  • Jacket image for Three ways to Capsize a Boat

    Three ways to Capsize a Boat by Chris Stewart

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    In this irresistibly entertaining tale, Stewart recounts his misadventures as an untrained skipper on a yacht in the Greek Islands.
  • Jacket image for Decline and Fall

    Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    Waugh's first novel is a delicious black comedy starring the hapless Paul Pennyfeather. Hugely enjoyable.
  • Jacket image for Amsterdam

    Amsterdam by Wallpaper

    Price: £5.95    Add to Basket
    A useful pocket-sized guide to the coolest hotels, bars, shops and restaurants in Amsterdam.
  • Jacket image for Norfolk and Suffolk

    Norfolk and Suffolk by Time Out

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    You want to jump straight on a train when you read this guide, which is packed full of inspiring suggestions and beautiful photographs.
  • Jacket image for Edinburgh

    Edinburgh by Time Out

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    A first-rate guide to Edinburgh, this is packed full of suggestions for places to stay, eat, shop and spend your evenings. It is very thorough on the culture and the history of the city too, as it should be.
  • Jacket image for Devon and Cornwall

    Devon and Cornwall by Time Out

    Price: £11.99    Add to Basket
    A well-designed, user-friendly guide to two of Britain's holiday hotspots. This guide is highly selective and brings you the best of everything.
  • Jacket image for Bangkok Shortlist

    Bangkok Shortlist by Time Out

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A lively, opinionated guide which covers all you would need for a short trip to Bangkok.
  • Jacket image for The Jaguar Smile

    The Jaguar Smile by Salman Rushdie

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    Rushdie's only piece of reportage, this is a vivid account of a journey he made to Nicaragua during the summer of 1986.
  • Jacket image for The Island that Dared

    The Island that Dared by Dervla Murphy

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    Dervla Murphy's inimitable prose takes the reader on a journey beyond Havana, to deserted beaches and tiny villages. She examines the complex world of Castro's Cuba beautifully, and illuminates the lives of ordinary Cubans with her vivacious and candid style.
  • Jacket image for The Story of England

    The Story of England by Christopher Hibbert

    Price: £12.95    Add to Basket
    A very helpful overview of English history, and a good introduction for those who wish to learn more about our country's past.
  • Jacket image for Kyoto

    Kyoto by Time Out

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    The very best of Kyoto's tourist attractions, nightlife and shops. Perfect for a short trip.
  • Jacket image for Scotland

    Scotland by Time Out

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    A selective guide showing the best of Scotland, with city guides to Edinburgh and Glasgow.
  • Jacket image for After Mandela

    After Mandela by Alec Russell

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    One of the few books published on post-Mandela South Africa, this book dares to ask the question: 'where next for the rainbow nation?'.
  • Jacket image for The New Turkey

    The New Turkey by Chris Morris

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    A fascinating account of modern Turkish life, from the BBC's former correspondent in the region. It provides an excellent overview and analysis of the issues facing Turkey in the 21st century.
  • Jacket image for Bhutan

    Bhutan by Footprint

    Price: £15.99    Add to Basket
    A hardback guide designed for the independent traveller, thoroughly researched and filled with detailed information.
  • Jacket image for Libyan sands

    Libyan sands by r.a. bagnold

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    A 'classic work of 20th-century Saharan exploration', this is an thrilling and awe-inspiring account of the journeys carried out in the Western Desert by a group of intrepid British officers, in nothing more substantial than a convoy of Model T Fords.
  • Jacket image for Germania: A Personal History of Germans Ancient and Modern

    Germania: A Personal History of Germans Ancient and Modern by Simon Winder

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    Fuelled by his own obvious passion for the place, Simon Winder has written a celebratory history of Germany, its culture, its history and its people.
  • Jacket image for Caribou Island

    Caribou Island by David Vann

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    In his second novel, David Vann confirms his gift for grasping the elemental truths beneath tragic events. In an attempt to rebuild their crumbling marriage, Gary and Irene throw themselves into constructing a house on a small island in the desolate wilderness of Alaska. Like its predecessor, Legend of a Suicide, Vann’s novel is characterised by a menacing restraint; his writing always poised on the edge of something much darker.
  • Jacket image for Proust Was a Neuroscientist

    Proust Was a Neuroscientist by Jonah Lehrer

    Price: £16.99    Add to Basket
    In 1959, C. P. Snow declared that art and science were two distinct cultures, separated by a void of ‘mutual incomprehension’. In this enchanting book, Jonah Lehrer looks to eight artistic giants - from Walt Whitman to Paul Cézanne - to explore the possibility that when it comes to understanding the complexities of sensation and consciousness, art has always led the way. Lehrer’s enthusiasm and extensive knowledge of both ‘worlds’ has produced an eye-opening tale to captivate even the most hardened cynics.
  • Jacket image for Homer and Langley

    Homer and Langley by E. L. Doctorow

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    Set in the early 20th century and based on true events, E. L. Doctorow's novel tells the story of two reclusive, eccentric brothers living in a dilapidated New York City mansion. Langley and Homer try to adapt to the furious pace of change as it breezes in and out of their house, leaving piles of detritus from human remains, to a car and heaps of chandeliers. Anyone fascinated by the story of the Edith Beales will be enchanted by these hoarders.
  • Jacket image for Arctic Labyrinth: The Quest for the Northwest Passage

    Arctic Labyrinth: The Quest for the Northwest Passage by Glyn Williams

    Price: £10.99    Add to Basket
    For centuries, explorers, scientists and merchants dreamed of locating an ocean route that would take them through the frozen, labyrinthine wilderness above North America to the wealth of the Far East. From Frobisher’s first voyage in 1576 to the era of global warming, this captivating history weaves together chilling tales of delusion and heroism, obsession and courage.
  • Jacket image for Great House

    Great House by Nicole Krauss

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    A ruthless Israeli father, a struggling writer, a Chilean poet and fragile young woman are the subjects of this elegiac novel, whose narrative coalesces around a writing desk that all have longed to possess. As it moves through decades and continents, the covetable desk comes to embody the power of memory, the value of writing and the endurance of the human spirit in the face of historical tragedy.
  • Jacket image for Mallorca Top 10

    Mallorca Top 10 by Eyewitness

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A lightweight guide to the island and very easy to use. Includes every top 10 you can think of, from best hidden coves to best markets. Even includes top ten things best avoided!