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The Smoke Is Rising
Mahesh Rao

We are proud to announce the first original novel from Daunt Books Publishing

More about this wonderful book can be viewed here.

  • Jacket image for A Dance of Folly and Pleasure

    A Dance of Folly and Pleasure by O. Henry

    Price: £8.00    Add to Basket
    ‘He wrote so many good stories it’s hard to choose.’ John Steinbeck

    Step into the boarding houses and furnished rooms of New York City, or take a stroll around the park. Observe the tumult and glitter of Broadway on a Saturday night, and browse the silken stockings in Manhattan’s most exclusive store. Hop onto the Coney Island ferry to join the lovesick shop-girl, the drunken down-and-out and the secret millionaire in the city's dance of folly and pleasure.

    O. Henry is now regarded as one of the pre-eminent masters of the short story form, as the eponymous award created after his death testifies. A bank teller, embezzler, jailbird and finally an author, he died in 1910 with a catalogue of 600 stories to his name.

    Click here to read the first story.