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Central Europe

  • Jacket image for Budapest Top 10

    Budapest Top 10 by Eyewitness

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A useful, colourful guide to the city's highlights. There are plenty of photos and recommended historical sites alongside the usual Eyewitness suggested hotels and restaurants. There is a pull-out map.
  • Jacket image for Budapest & Hungary Green Guide

    Budapest & Hungary Green Guide by Michelin

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    This excellent volume recently replaced the Hungary Green Guide. Thankfully its tighter focus on the capital has not lessened the quality of its countrywide coverage. Sights and attractions are rated with the famous star system.
  • Jacket image for Budapest City Guide

    Budapest City Guide by Lonely Planet

    Price: £13.99    Add to Basket
    A solid no frills guide to Budapest, best for a budget visit. Some good introductory chapters too, and reasonable maps to boot.
  • Jacket image for Budapest

    Budapest by Time Out

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    Time Out draw on local knowledge to put together a slick guide to the best hotels, bars and restaurants, interspersed with some rudimentary background reading.
  • Jacket image for Budapest Granta City Guide

    Budapest Granta City Guide by Granta City Guide

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    A wonderful guide to the city from Granta. Part one is detailed social and cultural history of the city, part two contains six suggested walks and part three contains a brief selection of practical information. Definitely more useful as a cultural companion rather than a practical guide.
  • Jacket image for Slovenia Pocket Guide

    Slovenia Pocket Guide by Berlitz

    Price: £4.99    Add to Basket
    A basic pocket guide with limited information but plenty of ideas for a quick trip.
  • Jacket image for Slovenia

    Slovenia by Rough Guide

    Price: £13.99    Add to Basket
    An excellent all-around guide combining thorough practical details with intelligent background reading. The section on The Soca Valley is particularly good.
  • Jacket image for Slovenia

    Slovenia by Cadogan Guides

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    Author James Stewart has written an enjoyable guide, if one that is a little confusing in its arrangement. Practical details and sightseeing tips are presented in an informal style, with a reasonable introductory essay on Slovenian history and culture.
  • Jacket image for Slovenia

    Slovenia by Robin & Jenny McKelvie

    Price: £13.99    Add to Basket
    A thoughtfully constructed guide with some great walking tours and nice personal recommendations. Plenty to read too.
  • Jacket image for Slovenia Car Tours & Walks

    Slovenia Car Tours & Walks by David Robertson & Sarah Stewart

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    A great slender compendium of 41 walks and 6 car tours covering most of Slovenia. Walks are graded for difficulty. Includes a decent foldout map.
  • Jacket image for The Julian Alps of Slovenia

    The Julian Alps of Slovenia by Justi Carey & Roy Clark

    Price: £14.00    Add to Basket
    An indispensable companion to Slovenia's most spectacular hiking region. Offers 57 routes of varying difficulty and 4 multi-day itineraries. Illustrated with sketch maps and photographs.
  • Jacket image for Ljubljana Bradt Guide

    Ljubljana Bradt Guide by Robin & Jenny McKelvie

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    Bradt handily condense the capital section from their excellent country guide into a pocket-sized volume packed with everything you need for a Ljubljana citybreak.
  • Jacket image for Transylvania

    Transylvania by Bradt

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    A superb guide to this mountainous region of Romania. Based upon thorough local knowledge, the suggested itineraries and sites are detailed.
  • Jacket image for Romania Culture Smart

    Romania Culture Smart

    Price: £6.95    Add to Basket
    A useful little book offering illuminating insights into Romanian culture and society, touching on customs, values, traditions, religion, taboos, business practices and so on.
  • Jacket image for Romania

    Romania by Insight Guides

    Price: £16.99    Add to Basket
    A colourful and inspiring guide filled with photographs and offering good introductory chapters. Less handy for practical details than its rivals, however.
  • Jacket image for Romania

    Romania by Rough Guides

    Price: £13.99    Add to Basket
    A fantastic, thoughtfully-arranged guide offering plenty of vital listings along with eloquent insights into Romanian history and culture. Our choice of companion.
  • Jacket image for Mountains of Romania

    Mountains of Romania by James Roberts

    Price: £17.00    Add to Basket
    A brilliant guide to walking the Carpathians, some of the finest hiking terrain in Europe. A multitude of routes of varying difficulties are explained and mapped. Also contains sections on skiing, mountain biking, climbing and such.
  • Jacket image for Romania

    Romania by Thomas Cook Travellers

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    A good little guide for a pre-arranged trip, offering nice background reading and sightseeing tips. The recommended walking and car tours are its best feature.
  • Jacket image for Language & Travel Guide to Romania

    Language & Travel Guide to Romania by Rosemary K. Rennon

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    An unusually personal but enjoyable guide buoyed by the author's great love of Romania, with decent listings and tips and a good language section.
  • Jacket image for Bulgaria

    Bulgaria by Rough Guide

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    An excellent and comprehensive guide covering all aspects of Bulgarian travel, with plenty of decent reading material too.
  • Jacket image for Bulgaria

    Bulgaria by Insight Guides

    Price: £16.99    Add to Basket
    A well-written and colourful guide best for an introduction to Bulgarian history and culture, though less interested in thorough listings.
  • Jacket image for Bulgaria

    Bulgaria by Lonely Planet

    Price: £13.99    Add to Basket
    A strong practical guide that leaves no Bulgarian stone unturned, geared towards the budget traveller.
  • Jacket image for Bulgaria Travellers Guide

    Bulgaria Travellers Guide by Thomas Cook

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    A useful and lightweight guide for a comfortable tour, perhaps ideal for sightseers who have planned accommodation in advance.
  • Jacket image for The Mountains of Bulgaria: a Walker's Companion

    The Mountains of Bulgaria: a Walker's Companion by Julian Perry

    Price: £9.95    Add to Basket
    A fantastic and unique companion to a variety of trails penned by enthusiastic hiker Perry.
  • Jacket image for Bulgaria

    Bulgaria by Eyewitness Guides

    Price: £13.99    Add to Basket
    This easy to use and comprehensive guide is strong on colour photography, excellent walking tours & maps and well illustrated sightseeing tips. Also features smaller sections on where to stay and eat.