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Middle East

  • Jacket image for Middle East

    Middle East by Lonely Planet

    Price: £19.99    Add to Basket
    An incredibly broad guide to the Middle East for the budget traveller looking for brief historical and cultural information, listings and travel logistics.
  • Jacket image for Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula

    Oman, UAE & Arabian Peninsula by Lonely Planet

    Price: £19.99    Add to Basket
    Standard practical guide from Lonely Planet, one of very few which covers such a broad range of countries in this region.
  • Jacket image for Oman & the UAE Insight Guide

    Oman & the UAE Insight Guide by Insight

    Price: £16.99    Add to Basket
    Highly recommended as an introduction and for initial planning. It comprises sections on the history and culture followed by a regional descriptive survey and finally practical information. The whole is copiously illustrated with good photos.
  • Jacket image for Dubai and Abu Dhabi Top 10

    Dubai and Abu Dhabi Top 10 by Eyewitness

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A pocket-sized, time saving guide to the cities including plenty of colour photographs and top ten lists from the best golf courses to the best natural beauty spots. Also includes useful fold-out maps.
  • Jacket image for Istanbul

    Istanbul by Lonely Planet

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    Lonely Planet cover Istanbul ably with plenty of accommodation, restaurant and nightlife listings, and enough information to get you around the major sights.
  • Jacket image for Pocket Istanbul

    Pocket Istanbul by Lonely Planet

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A handy, pocket-sized guide to Istanbul. The text is brief and it lacks historical and cultural information, but it points you to the obvious attraction, and it is excellent on travel logistics and listings.
  • Jacket image for Israel & the Palestinian Territories

    Israel & the Palestinian Territories by Lonely Planet

    Price: £16.99    Add to Basket
    A practical guide for the traveller on a budget which includes the Palestinian territories, Sinai and Petra. This new edition boasts 112 maps, but is still fairly weak on cultural and historical information.
  • Jacket image for Abu Dhabi Pocket Guide

    Abu Dhabi Pocket Guide

    Price: £4.99    Add to Basket
    A pocket-sized, practical guide to Mauritius.
  • Jacket image for Istanbul Pocket Guide & Map

    Istanbul Pocket Guide & Map by Eyewitness

    Price: £4.99    Add to Basket
    A handy pocket-sized map and guidebook in one - perfect for a weekend break.
  • Jacket image for Pocket Rough Guide to Dubai

    Pocket Rough Guide to Dubai

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A colourful pocket guide suited to a short Dubai break, designed to keep you busy night and day, with local knowledge contributing to some excellent recommendations. Rudimentary maps cover the basics.
  • Jacket image for Eastern Turkey

    Eastern Turkey by Bradt

    Price: £17.99    Add to Basket
    Bradt's first edition to cover Anatolia, this is the best general guide, well written and informative, balancing practical help with intelligent, concise coverage of the sights.
  • Jacket image for Istanbul

    Istanbul by Insight Guides

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A pocket guide with plenty of photos and 16 walking routes. It's a basic introduction to the city upon which to plan a detailed itinerary.
  • Jacket image for Abu Dhabi

    Abu Dhabi

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    Insider's guide to living in Abu Dhabi, containing plenty of information about the country's history, geography, culture and economics. Designed with a view to helping outsiders find a foothold, this guide gives helpful tips on navigating the paperwork, finding a place to live, and insights into life in Abu Dhabi.
  • Jacket image for Iran

    Iran by Bradt

    Price: £17.99    Add to Basket
    By far the best guide to Iran with a good combination of practical information, selective recommendations and detailed historical and cultural background.
  • Jacket image for Dubai

    Dubai by Luxe

    Price: £4.99    Add to Basket
    A wonderfully decadent fold-out list of the most luxurious destinations in Dubai from hotels to restaurants, bars and shops.
  • Jacket image for Bahrain Mini Guide

    Bahrain Mini Guide by Explorer

    Price: £5.99    Add to Basket
    A pocket-sized guide to the essentials of Bahrain and one of the only brief, practical guides available. Includes a useful pull-out map.
  • Jacket image for Dubai Pocket Guide

    Dubai Pocket Guide by Berlitz

    Price: £5.99    Add to Basket
    A thorough guide to the region with detailed advice on activities and sights in each neighbourhood, as well as a little historical context. It includes a basic map with transport links.
  • Jacket image for Dubai Restaurants 2013

    Dubai Restaurants 2013 by Zagat

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    One of the world's favourite guides, Zagat has finally turned it's eyes to the Middle East, and the best (and worst) eateries of Dubai are scrutinised, praised and depricated in Zagat's customary humorous-but-knowing fashion
  • Jacket image for Oman Explorer

    Oman Explorer by Explorer

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    Ostensibly aimed at residents - for whom indeed it is indispensable - but we also highly recommended it to tourists, in particular for its detailed reviews of restaurants, shops and the like in Muscat.
  • Jacket image for Dubai Complete Residents' Guide

    Dubai Complete Residents' Guide by Explorer

    Price: £19.99    Add to Basket
    A detailed guide for anyone visiting, working or living in Dubai that includes practical listings for shopping, exploring, eating and drinking, and further in-depth information on relocation and setting up home.
  • Jacket image for Jerusalem Israel, Petra & Sinai

    Jerusalem Israel, Petra & Sinai by Eyewitness

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    A vibrant, photographic guide to Jerusalem including the Red Sea, the Dead Sea and Sinai. Not for the backpacker looking for practical listings, this is more of a sightseer's companion with graphics and illustrations and good cultural and historical background information.
  • Jacket image for Iran

    Iran by Lonely Planet

    Price: £17.99    Add to Basket
    A rare, practical guide to Iran. Can be relied upon for accurate listings and logistical information.
  • Jacket image for Jordan

    Jordan by Lonely Planet

    Price: £15.99    Add to Basket
    Another practical guide which offers listings and reliable information on travel logistics, does lack the wealth and standard of cultural and historical information in the Rough Guide equivalent.
  • Jacket image for Dubai

    Dubai by Lonely Planet

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    A slim, practical guide to the city with useful listings for the traveller on a budget, but poor maps.
  • Jacket image for Globetrotter Dubai

    Globetrotter Dubai by Lindsay Bennett

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    Arranged into must-see highlights, with each chapter concluding with 'At-a-glance' practical details. There are colour photographs throughout. The guide covers the city and its surrounds, and is boosted considerably by the excellent pull-out map.