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  • Jacket image for The Age of Kali

    The Age of Kali by William Dalrymple

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    The Age of Kali, in Hindu cosmology, is said to be an age of violence, strife and corruption and this is William Dalrymple's disturbing evaluation of contemporary India, the result of ten years spent travelling around the country. From interviews with members of the Tamil Tigers and drug barons, to horrifying cases of caste violence this is an honest, informative and captivating set of essays, obligatory for anyone interested in modern India.
  • Jacket image for The Good Earth

    The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    Nobel Prize winner Pearl S. Buck tells the classic story of O-lan, an extraordinary heroine struggling to save her family in an era of turbulent change. Even when they are rewarded by sudden wealth, O-lan realises that the money they have always dreamed of brings only mistrust and unhappiness because they have betrayed the earth from where they came. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize.
  • Jacket image for Death of a Red Heroine

    Death of a Red Heroine by Qiu Xiaolong

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    When Inspector Chen, honourable, artistic and great at his job, is called in to investigate the death of a young woman he is faced with a dilemma between party loyalty and his own conscience. Evocative and gripping, this is the first in Qui Xiaolong's acclaimed Inspector Chen mysteries and was awarded the Anthony Award for Best First Crime Novel.
  • Jacket image for Behind the Beautiful Forevers

    Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    Easily one of the best books of 2012, Katherine Boo's expose of life in the slum of Annawadi (sandwiched between Mumbai's main airport and the 5-star Hyatt Hotel), will without a doubt leave you enraged, hopeful and never anything less than fully engaged and fascinated by this harrowing portrait of life among India's underclass. Written in a flowing narrative style that at time jars with the true life subjects Boo followed over the course of 9 months living by the sewerage lake at the centre of the slum, this remarkable book begs to be red in one wondrous, reflective sitting.
  • Jacket image for Poetry Of The Taliban

    Poetry Of The Taliban by Alex Stick Von Linschoten

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    This is the first collection in English of poetry inspired by and inspiring the Taliban. Most Taliban fighters are Pashtuns, a people who cherish their poetic tradition, and poetry is used in battle. Divided into traditional, pre-1970's poetry, and later work inspired by the impact of the Soviet-, and later Western-Afghan conflicts, this collection illuminates the psyche of the Taliban far better than most attempts.
  • Jacket image for The Mongols

    The Mongols by David Morgan

    Price: £23.50    Add to Basket
    The best work on the Mongols since its first edition publication in 1986, this revised 2nd edition of David Morgans essential work is the essential starting point to learning about histories greatest land empire and dispelling the myths of the Nomadic Mongols as barbarians. A student of Middle East studies luminaries such as Anne Lambton and Bernard Lewis, Morgan guides us through the empire, from its formation on the steppes of Central Asia to its dominance, in the forms of the Golden Horde, Ilkhanate and Yuan Dynasty (in Russia, the Middle East and China respectively), of the majority of Eurasia. A must-read.
  • Jacket image for Pax Britannica

    Pax Britannica by Jan Morris

    Price: £9.99    Add to Basket
    The second volume of The Pax Britannica Trilogy about the rise and fall of the British Empire in India. Continuing where Pax Britannica left off, Jan Morris focuses on the empire at its zenith.
  • Jacket image for The Siege of Krishnapur

    The Siege of Krishnapur by J. G. Farrell

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    Shortlisted as one of the best of 40 years of Booker prize-winners, J. G. Farrell's modern classic is the blackly humorous account of an isolated Indian colonial town under siege during the mutiny of 1857. As conditions deteriorate, the British colonials struggle to keep their stiff upper lip absolutely stiff and the locals watch on with palpable glee.
  • Jacket image for Empires of the Indus

    Empires of the Indus by Alice Albina

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    Alice Albinia's remarkable voyage along 2,000 miles of the Indus River. A combination of traveller's tales and fascinating history, she traces the river from Karachi, through Pakistan, into India and then up into Tibet. Highly recommended.
  • Jacket image for In Other Rooms, Other Wonders

    In Other Rooms, Other Wonders by Daniyal Mueenuddin

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    Eight carefully woven tales set in the Punjab, which tell the story of the Harouni family and their cooks, drivers, gardeners and servants. These hypnotic stories of love, longing and loss rise up and sink back into a background of modern, chaotic, turbulent Pakistan.
  • Jacket image for Beyond the Sky and the Earth

    Beyond the Sky and the Earth by Jamie Zeppa

    Price: £13.99    Add to Basket
    A "rich, romantic, lushly descriptive memoir" of three years spent in Bhutan. Zeppa, a young American writer, tells her tale with great skill. Highly recommended.
  • Jacket image for The Snow Leopard

    The Snow Leopard by Peter Matthiessen

    Price: £8.99    Add to Basket
    Novelist, environmentalist and founder of the Paris Review, Peter Matthiessen travels to study the wild blue sheep of the Himalayas. Matthiessen is also hoping to catch a glimpse of the rarely seen snow leopard and, as a Zen Buddhist, to make a spiritual journey of self-discovery. He will find one perhaps as elusive as the other. Winner of the National Book Award, this is a wonderful book of mysticism, magic and mountaineering.
  • Jacket image for The Glass Palace

    The Glass Palace by Amitav Ghosh

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    This epic, colourful narrative encompasses 100 years of history from the British invasion of Mandalay in 1885 until the present day. Through the intimate stories of 3 different families, across 3 different generations, Amitav Ghosh's intoxicating story wonderfully evokes the sights and smells of both old and modern Burma.
  • Jacket image for Vietnam: A History

    Vietnam: A History by Stanley Karnow

    Price: £25.00    Add to Basket
    Written by an American journalist who spent over 15 years living in Vietnam, this is the definitive single volume history of Vietnam. Gaining access to secret documents, conducting hundreds of interviews, Karnow has written a brilliant history for which he won the Pulitzer Prize.
  • Jacket image for A Dragon Apparent: Travels in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam

    A Dragon Apparent: Travels in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam by Norman Lewis

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    Published in typically beautiful fashion by Eland, Lewis describes his travels through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos in the late 1940s. He speaks to French colonists, slaves, emperors and peasants on the eve of massive change and widespread devastation to the land, its architecture and its people. Fascinating, insightful and deeply poignant. Probably our favourite of Lewis' books.
  • Jacket image for The Coroner's Lunch

    The Coroner's Lunch by Colin Cotterill

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    The first in Colin Cotterill's Dr Siri series, this amusing, sophisticated detective story is set in Laos against a backdrop of vividly imagined, eccentric characters and a unique culture.
  • Jacket image for The Mughal Throne

    The Mughal Throne by Abraham Eraly

    Price: £15.99    Add to Basket
    A richly-patterned, gripping history of the Mughal Empire considered to be the definitive book on the subject.
  • Jacket image for Rajasthan

    Rajasthan by Footprint

    Price: £14.99    Add to Basket
    The most detailed and comprehensive guide to the state. Good practical, cultural and historical information.
  • Jacket image for Pakistan

    Pakistan by Granta

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    Beautiful art work and interesting, fresh writing - this is a joy to read and a must for anyone keen to read new work. By collecting together the work of Kamila Shamsie, Mohammed Hanif and Daniyal Mueenuddin, among others, Granta has also succeeded in capturing a momentary snapshot of the country on the brink of a cultural explosion.
  • Jacket image for Season of the Rainbirds

    Season of the Rainbirds by Nadeem Aslam

    Price: £7.99    Add to Basket
    A bag of letters lost in a train crash nineteen years earlier mysteriously reappears and brings to light forgotten secrets. Combines a description of provincial life while alluding to the political corruption, fundamental religious control and violence in historical as well as contemporary Pakistan.
  • Jacket image for On Wings of Diesel

    On Wings of Diesel by Jamal J. Elias

    Price: £29.99    Add to Basket
    A fascinating look at one of the most arresting and unique features of Pakistani culture, this book examines the art of truck decoration. It has often been described as 'art on wheels' and this book is perfect for anyone who has travelled to Pakistan, or who is interested in art as a popular cultural phenomenon. Exhaustively researched, and highly recommended.
  • Jacket image for Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka by Bradt

    Price: £15.99    Add to Basket
    Written by a resident, this excellent guide will give you plenty of historical and cultural information as well as practical tips that will take you off the beaten track.
  • Jacket image for The Village in the Jungle

    The Village in the Jungle by Leonard Woolf

    Price: £12.99    Add to Basket
    Still the best-selling English novel set in Sri Lanka, this tragic and deeply sympathetic story was written after Leonard Woolf spent seven years serving as a District Commissioner in Sri Lanka. Not only a damning indictment of colonialism based on first-hand experience, but a lyrical, sensory evocation of the country.
  • Jacket image for Reef

    Reef by Romesh Gunesekera

    Price: £6.99    Add to Basket
    A sensual novel set in Colombo in the 1970s that reflects the social and political upheaval of the time. Eleven year old Triton is sent to be a cook and house boy to an eminent marine biologist but, just as in the city outside their windows, the peace and contentment of the household begins to disintegrate. Shortlisted for the Booker prize.
  • Jacket image for China

    China by GeoCenter

    Price: £5.99    Add to Basket
    Small scale, topographical road map of China with full index of places.
    Map scale: 1: 4 000 000