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  • Jacket image for Antarctica Cruising Guide

    Antarctica Cruising Guide by AWA

    Price: £29.99    Add to Basket
    Less practical than the Lonely Planet equivalent, it is written by two zoologists and is designed for a sightseer concerned with wildlife and conservation. Includes details on the 26 most popular sites, information on 30 species of birds and mammals and a chapter on conservation.
  • Jacket image for Antarctica

    Antarctica by Lonely Planet

    Price: £18.99    Add to Basket
    A detailed, practical guide to Antarctica and one of the only guides available. Includes a section on wildlife but does lack some detail on the islands, for example, there are approximately 12 pages on South Georgia and 14 on the Falklands.
  • Jacket image for Antarctica: A Guide to the Wildlife

    Antarctica: A Guide to the Wildlife by Bradt

    Price: £15.99    Add to Basket
    An excellent field guide which includes a cultural and historical introduction to the region and a section on each of the main animal groups. Each animal is illustrated in colour by Dafila Scott (granddaughter of Scott of Antarctica) and is accompanied by lengthy notes and a map of its habitat.