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A stunning collection of contemporary art maps from a leading artist that gives a unique view of our history and life today. Award-winning artist Adam Dant’s maps of London and beyond are beautiful, subversive and funny illustrations that illuminate the world we live in, and place it within our rich traditions of everything from brawls to gentleman’s clubs. From the history of rioting in the City to high-class coffee clubs, from the colourful depiction of London slang over the centuries to the Hogarthian take on city life today and our obsession with money. Published in conjunction with the popular Spitalfields Life, this large-format map book allows the reader to see some of the wonderful details of these illustrations. For example, charming and hilarious details can be seen in the street map showing the history of drinking in Britain. The stunning maps are a wonderful visual way to learn more of English social and cultural history. Most of the maps include erudite annotations and labels that can be browsed for hours. Accompanying text from the author gives the background to each of the illustrations, including his inspiration and the historical and cultural allusions.

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Maps on London and Beyond by Adam Dant

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