An event with

Candice Derman & Jane Haynes

Indescribable:Speaking the Unspeakable


Wednesday 27th February 2019 at 6:30pm  |  Owl Bookshop


Join us for an important discussion on child sexual abuse with Candice Derman and psychotherapist Jane Haynes…

Indescribable is the chilling story of the abuse South African actress Candice Derman suffered at the hands of her stepfather, the man she called `Dad’. Told entirely from the perspective of her childhood self, Indescribable explores Candice’s traumatic past, opening our eyes to the complexities of sexual abuse and how easy it can be for such a secret to go unseen.

A haunting and heartfelt memoir by leading psychotherapist Jane Haynes, If I chance to talk a little wild is the brutally honest, passionate and unorthodox sequel to the PEN Ackerley Prize shortlisted ‘Who is it that can tell me who I am?’ Building on Jane Haynes’s personal and clinical experience and with extensive references borne of her love of literature (she devotes a whole chapter, for example, to the impact of Proust on her psychoanalytic thought) and with constant mention of her first great mentor, the legendary R. D. Laing.

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Wednesday 27th February at 6:30pm
Event takes place at the Owl Bookshop.
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