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Daniel Rosenthal

Dramatic Exchanges - The Lives & Letters of the National Theatre


Wednesday 13th February 2019 at 6:30pm  |  Owl Bookshop


Don’t miss this chance to hear local writer and broadcaster Daniel Rosenthal talking about his wonderful new collection of letters and stories from the National Theatre.

There has been always as much drama offstage as on at the National Theatre, and much of it is to be found in the letters, telegrams, scribbled notes and colourful postcards of its main players. A rich collection of correspondence like no other, this book offers a fascinating and celebratory look at the world of theatre and beyond.

Brilliantly evokes the day-to-day life of a great theatre … The genius of Rosenthal’s book, which is both a revelation and a celebration, is to tell this story in the participants’ words … The presence of rarely heard voices is a great strength of the book … The life-changing power of letters.
– Simon Callow, Guardian

Event Details

Wednesday 13th February at 6:30pm
Event takes place at the Owl Bookshop.
Please collect your tickets at the venue.