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Extinction Rebellion

This is Not a Drill


Monday 22nd July 2019 at 6:30pm  |  Owl Bookshop


** Ticket price includes a copy of This is Not a Drill. **

Join us at the Owl Bookshop to meet the editors of This is Not a Drillan Extinction Rebellion Handbook.

Ticket price includes a copy of This is Not a Drill and admission to the event. You can collect your copy of the book from the shop before the event or at the event itself.

This is what the editors and  publishers say about This is Not a Drill

Extinction Rebellion are inspiring a whole generation to take action on climate breakdown.
Now you can become part of the movement – and together, we can make history.
It’s time. This is our last chance to do anything about the global climate and ecological emergency. Our last chance to save the world as we know it.
Now or never, we need to be radical. We need to rise up. And we need to rebel.
Extinction Rebellion is a global activist movement of ordinary people, demanding action from Governments. This is a book of truth and action. It has facts to arm you, stories to empower you, pages to fill in and pages to rip out, alongside instructions on how to rebel – from organising a roadblock to facing arrest.
By the time you finish this book you will have become an Extinction Rebellion activist. Act now before it’s too late.”

Event Details

Monday 22nd July at 6:30pm
Event takes place at the Owl Bookshop.
Please collect your tickets at the venue.