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Niki Segnit

Lateral Cooking


Thursday 4th October 2018 at 7:00pm  |  Daunt Books Marylebone


Niki Segnit joins us to tell us more of her new book Lateral Cooking, which follows on from the hugely successful The Flavour Thesaurus. Charting her early progress from total beginner and recipe robot through the classics of Elizabeth David’s French Provincial Cooking, the River Cafe Cook Book and the delights of Moro, Niki takes us on a humorous journey, encompassing a wry look at the history of home cooking in the UK over the last 25 years, and onwards to her new book, which attempts to dispense with the tyranny of recipes altogether and considers the joy of cooking off-recipe, as so many of our grandmothers did.

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Thursday 4th October at 7:00pm
Event takes place at Daunt Books Marylebone, 83 Marylebone High Street, London W1U 4QW.
Please collect your tickets at the venue.